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Brad & Renee

"Wedding photography is so much more than taking pretty photos.  For each shot, we carefully balance the artistic aspects with the technical to ensure the best photos possible.  We have been photographing weddings together for nearly a decade, and have constantly worked together to improve our skills.  As we developed our style and technique together, we have blended so seamlessly that we oftentimes can not which of us took a specific photo. 

As you view our work, you will see a lot of 'content' in the photos, whether it's interaction between subjects, people framed within reflections, or pieces of wedding attire in the background.  This isn't accidental!  We take great pride not only in capturing wedding moments, but also in making beautiful photos.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we want every photo to tell your wedding day story in detail.

One of our strongest skills is posing couples and groups to ensure everyone looks their absolute best.  Again, this is all about the details and getting everything just right before the shot. Through years of practice, we are able to move quickly through group photos while still using advanced posing techniques to make your family and friends look great.

We love the art of photography.  When either of us walks into a room, we first seek out the light.  There is no better light source than the sun, and we both love to utilize this natural light as much as possible.  That said, we also have the skills and equipment to provide all of our own lighting for any scene.  One of the areas we stand out the most is in dance photos.  We perfectly balance our lighting with the house and DJ lights to capture your reception in crisp, sharp images - while maintaining the ambiance of your reception lighting. 

Your wedding day only happens once, and for many people it will be the only time they have so many of their friends and family together in one place.  The photos we capture will provide you with an in-depth reminder of how special and amazing your wedding day was, in a style that will withstand the test of time."


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