Tony B.

"From elegance to pandemonium and everything in between! I have the personality that you require to keep you and your party on track. Fun is my business and nothing makes me happier than to send newlyweds off on their journey properly. 

I have been performing karaoke and dance parties for over 10 years. My knowledge of music and the flow of a party is immeasurable. I have done many weddings and received only rave reviews for my work.
There are a few things that set me apart from other DJs in the cities. I offer enhancements that most don't or can't. I offer a massive 1500 watt sub woofer that packs a huge thump. My biggest claim to fame is my candid dance floor photo service. Imagine seeing photos in live time on an Ipad displayed on the DJ booth for everyone to see as they are taken. It truly is a WOW service that will make your night stand out to your guests for years to come!

I truly look forward to working with you to build the finishing touches on the night of your dreams!"