The #1 cause of stress and anxiety for couples when planning a wedding is budgeting and paying for it. Here is how we are helping.


The Wedding Collective is changing the way you pay for your wedding by leveraging new technology to better help you budget your expenses for the essential services you book through us. Just like a subscription to Netflix, The Wedding Collective prices its services with simple, flat monthly payments that are automatically charged to your card each month. 


Because paying a big deposit and  bigger final payment put a lot of stress on you and your fiance. Because maybe you want to afford a more expensive photographer, but the deposit is just too high. Because it gives you peace of mind. Because we don't want our couples going into credit card debt (seriously!).

Here is an example... 

Photographers are $175 per month.

Total Package Price: $1950

Engagement Time Frame: 10 months

By the time your wedding date arrives, you have made 10 payments of $175 = $1750 (10 months x $175 monthly payment)

The remaining unpaid balance is due 10 days prior = $200 ($1950 total package price - $1750 = $200)

No deposits and lower final payments make for an easier planning and budgeting experience for you. Like the old fashioned way? No problem, we can accommodate...however, we hope you consider this option. Your finances will thank you!

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