Photography FAQ

+ Why should I work with The Wedding Collective for my photography services?

Experience. The Wedding Collective is your source for finding and booking experienced, local wedding pros! Selecting a photographer that makes you feel comfortable and confident on your most important day is critical. We have done the work for you by bringing together talented photographers, with varying styles and backgrounds, in one place for you to choose from. We also provide instant access to the local photographer of your choice, allowing you to get to know them throughout the planning process. To learn more about The Wedding Collective, click here.

+ Do I get to choose my own photographer?

Yes! Our team can assist you in the selection process or you can go it alone...but we are here to help! To begin, review profiles of our local photographers by clicking here.

+ If I don't want to choose my own photographer, can you assign one?

We would be happy to choose one of our local photography professionals to serve you. After reservation, you will fill out a personalized profile that will assist us in selecting the perfect photography match based on your artistic and sytle preferences. Your photographer will be assigned within 14 days; this will allow you to get to know your photographer and have them assist in the planning if needed.

+ Will you do an engagement session?

Absolutely, in fact, we recommend it. An engagement session allows you to work with your photographer, get an idea for how they operate and how they will interact with you on the big day. Engagement sessions can be added to any package for an additional charge, or are included in some packages as well.

Engagement sessions are typically an hour to 1.5 hours in length, and we will deliver about 40-60 images depending on the length of time.

+ How are 2nd Shooters selected?

Your Wedding Collective photographer will provide a 2nd shooter of their choice to assist them. This is important because they will select and work with someone who understands their style, process, and have chemistry to deliver a great experience for you on your wedding day.

+ Will my photographer edit their own photos?

Yes, your photographer will edit their own photos. We prefer this over outsourcing or having hired staff to edit the photos like most companies, as it is the only way to capture the photographers unique style and intent with each photo.

+ When is my final payment due?

Final payments are due 10 days prior, however you can make payments at any time via your planning account!

+ How are emergencies handled?

All of our local pros are contractually and ethically obligated to serve you at your event and do everything within their power to avoid emergencies. However, if something were to go amiss, each individual photographer is required to have a backup or on-call professional to step in should it be needed. Photographers that are a part of The Wedding Collective are also required to have replacement equipment for all critical pieces of their gear. We take pride in the measures we have in place to ensure our client's peace of mind.

+ Are you insured?

Yes. Each individual wedding pro is required to carry a minimum of $1,000,000 in liability coverage. The Wedding Collective carries an additional umbrella policy of $2,000,000 in coverage. We will gladly provide a copy of our policy to your venue if requested.

+ I have a list of photos I want taken. Can you accommodate?

Absolutely. We are more than happy to ensure every must have shot is taken at your wedding. You can even plan for and request more specific shots via your planning account so we don't miss a single moment.

+ Do you photograph more than just weddings?

Heck yes! Our local photographers love shooting at any type of event including corporate, school, family, newborn or any other private event.

+ Where can I view portfolios of the local photographers with The Wedding Collective?

Within each local photographers profile are sample galleries from their recent weddings. These galleries contain a diverse amount of photos that will give you an idea for their style and artistic vision. Want to see more? Schedule a consultation with the photographers you are interested in.

+ Have you been to my venue before?

Most likely, yes! Our local pros have been to most every location and venue within the twin cities over the years. The Wedding Collective even has preferred status at a number of venues in town, so you can rest assured we know how to make the best of your wedding day!

+ When can I expect to have my photos back?

Our turnaround time is six to eight weeks, but hopefully earlier depending on your photographer's schedule. Your photographer will deliver 50-75 images per hour of photography as a rule of thumb.

+ Do you provide printing rights so I can print where I want?

Yes! We provide printing rights to our clients such that they can print for non-commercial use only at the location of their choice. The Wedding Collective also offers fantastic printing options as well through your own private gallery that ship right to your door.

+ Does The Wedding Collective cover photography licenses for photo locations that require them?

There are very few locations in the Twin Cities that require photography and videography licenses. Those locations tend to be VERY busy and offer little opportunity to capture photos in an intimate and professional way. The Wedding Collective offers tons of great alternatives and unique locations to photograph at in lieu of paying for licenses at a crowded location. We are happy to work with you to find the best places that are completely free!

+ Do you provide the raw, unedited images?

Our photography professionals prefer not to offer raw images. The reason for that is to protect them in the event that an image was edited or altered in an unflattering way without the artists consent, leading to potential damage of their image or work.