Photo Booth FAQ

+ Why should I work with The Wedding Collective for my photo booth services?

Experience. The Wedding Collective is your source for finding and booking experienced, local wedding pros! Selecting a photo booth that makes you feel comfortable and confident on your most important day is critical. We have done the work for you by partnering with the very best photo booth rental company in the cities, VIP Photo Booth. Featuring real photo booths, open photo studios, and the very best in can feel confident in your choice as they are one of the oldest and most award-winning companies in the Twin Cities. To learn more about The Wedding Collective, click here.

+ Who is VIP Photo Booth...aren't you The Wedding Collective?

VIP Photo Booth can be reserved with your wedding services through The Wedding Collective. VIP Photo Booth has been operating as an award-winning photo booth rental business since 2009, service thousands of clients throughout their time. We searched for the best photo booth business, and settled on VIP Photo Booth as they offer the highest quality photo strips, photo booth, and the level of service we expect from our vendor partners.

+ What is included in your packages?

Standard rental packages begin with three hours of unlimited use, memory book, personalized photo strips by a graphic designer, attendant, online gallery, prop kit, and event CD. Packages can be customized to include social media sharing, instagram printing, additional hours, and more.

+ How does it work?

The photo booth serves two purposes; the first is the provide unique party favors to guests as well as entertainment. Guests enter the booth and take a series of three images. The booth will print the photo strips, and the guests get to take home a copy that is personalized with your wedding theme, colors, name, and date as a keepsake. The second purpose, and our favorite, is that we create a hand-made guestbook on-site that includes one of every photo strip taken at the wedding. Your guests will place their image in the memory book, and then write a personalized message to you. It is a guestbook that couples will proudly leave on their coffee tables for years!

+ When do you setup the photo booth?

Photo booths are delivered before guests arrive. The open style photo studios are delivered one hour prior to the start time.

+ What does the memory book look like?

The memory book (photo strip guestbook) is cloth bound with black pages, and measures 8.5x11. Your attendant will place two to three photo strips per page, and allow enough room for guests to write a message.

+ How many can fit inside the photo booth?

The traditional style photo booth can fit small or large groups, usually around 6-8 comfortably, and even more if you try! The pull away back curtain allows for more guests to get in on the fun. The open photo studio style allows for groups of 9-12+.

+ Which photo booth style is right for me?

That is up to you! However, here is what we associate each style with. Traditional = charming, nostalgic, large photo strips. Open Style = modern, spacious, visual. We recommend you select the option that best fits your venue and theme.

+ Have you been to my venue before?

Most likely, yes! Our local pros have been to most every location and venue within the twin cities over the years. The Wedding Collective even has preferred status at a number of venues in town, so you can rest assured we know how to make the best of your wedding day!

+ How big is the photo booth/how much space do you need?

The traditional booth measures 3x6. The photo studio measures 8x8. We recommend placing the photo booth in an open space near the action and an electical outlet, but not competing for space with the bar or dance floor. Allow room for a line!

+ Do you offer reprints if guests ask?

Absolutely, reprints can be made on site following a session if it is requested by the guest. We always encourage guests to get back in the booth as well, as that means more images in your memory book.

+ What is the deposit?

A $300 deposit is required at reservation along with a signed agreement. Visit the contact us page to get date specific pricing.

+ When is my final payment due?

Final payments are due 10 days prior, however you can make payments at any time via your planning account!

+ How are emergencies handled?

All of our local pros are contractually and ethically obligated to serve you at your event and do everything within their power to avoid emergencies. However, if something were to go amiss, VIP Photo Booth has backup gear and attendants to step in. We take pride in the measures we have in place to ensure our client's peace of mind.

+ Are you insured?

Yes. Each individual wedding pro is required to carry a minimum of $1,000,000 in liability coverage. The Wedding Collective carries an additional umbrella policy of $2,000,000 in coverage. We will gladly provide a copy of our policy to your venue if requested.