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"Every moment I spend holding a camera represents a stream of opportunities- to preserve memories, to capture beauty, to challenge, to inspire, to learn, to teach, and to present the world with my subjective version of beauty in the hope that it will resonate with others.

I am a multidisciplinary artist but I am continually drawn to and fascinated by photography- it is my primary tool of visual expression. As an artist, I am primarily satisfying an internal need to create and express myself, but I also wish to impact the world and share ideas and stories and memories with others. I have a deep appreciation for the many cultures of our world and before my time is up, I want to travel and experience as much as I possibly can. I thoroughly enjoy working with clients and for people on exciting projects. I want to provide people with images that tell their stories, that inspire - images that reveal secrets when words can’t." 

Recent weddings photographed by Nick...

Aurea + Mark

Ryan + Alyssa

Taylor + Peter

David + Monica