"My uncle actually turned me on to the idea of being a DJ. He spun drum and bass music in a small club in Detroit when he was younger and never gave up DJ-ing as a hobby later in life. I bought my first DJ setup and just started practicing. When I was 19 I finally felt I was qualified to start looking for paying DJ-ing gigs. I got a few bar gigs and smaller private events and had a lot of fun.

Soon after a family friend asked me if I could DJ their wedding. A wedding? I had not even considered this as an option at first. I agreed to do the event and spent the next several months researching and collaborating with other wedding DJ's to learn some of the basics. I DJ-ed the wedding and OH MY GOSH I had more fun then I've ever had in my life. To date I have had the honor of Dj-ing for over 250 different couples. I am constantly learning and improving my craft and hope I can continue doing what I love for the rest of my working life."