"Becoming a musician was less of an option and more an inevitability for me. In the 1930's my great grandfather founded a musical instrument shop in Minneapolis which is still run by my family today. Instead of day care I grew up fiddling with instruments around the store. Over the years my playing evolved into a focal point and led me to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston. My major of Electronic Production & Design gave me the opportunity to examine how pop and dance music is created. This intellectual approach to music expanded my DJing as well. Using techniques that require meticulously finding the key and tempo of each track ahead of time to better overlay 2 separate songs and create seamless harmonic transitions.

After finishing school I moved to New York City and started a dance club night. The party quickly gained acknowledgment and awards from prominent New York City press. We became recognized as the trendy party in New York nightlife, a who's who of artists, musicians, personalities, and celebrities. I've had the pleasure of DJing for rooms with guests such as Beyoncé, Chloë Sevigny, and Mary -Kate Olsen. 

My entrance into weddings was initiated from couples inquiring after sets. I fell in love with the experience of soundtracking such a significant and sentimental celebration. I pride myself in crafting a unique design to every reception to assure the couples vision becomes reality. It is a necessity for the music to reflect the personality of each couple as well as embody the spirit of the ceremony. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity creating memories that last a lifetime."

  • Best Dance Floor New York City - The Village Voice.
  • Best Dance Party - New York Magazine.
  • Best Dance Party New York City - Chelsea Now & The Villager
  • Featured in Vice Magazine's Noisey, Dazed & Confused, BBC Radio 1