+ Why should I work with The Wedding Collective for my DJ services?

Experience. The Wedding Collective is your source for finding and booking experienced, local wedding pros! We don't hire and train DJs like most companies; we partner with only experienced DJs that have hundreds of events under their belts. We also provide instant access to the local DJ of your choice, allowing you to get to know them throughout the planning process. To learn more about The Wedding Collective, click here.

+ Do I get to choose my own DJ?

Yes! It is critical that you have a strong relationship with your DJ going into your wedding. Instead of being introduced to your DJ one week before your wedding, we have a process for assisting you in selecting the perfect local DJ for your wedding. Review profiles of our local DJs by clicking here.

+ If I don't want to choose my own DJ, can you assign one?

We would be happy to choose one of our local DJ professionals to serve you. After reservation, you will fill out a personalized profile that will assist us in selecting the perfect DJ based on your music tastes and preferences. Your DJ will be assigned within 14 days; this will allow you to get to know your DJ and have them assist in the planning if needed.

+ Can I make song requests or a playlist?

Absolutely! You receive your very own online planning account with your reservation; this account makes planning easy by allowing you to make song requests, create a timeline, make payments, and provide your team with every important detail to serve you best. You will also be able to work with your DJ directly with any questions you may have. Your guests can also make requests at the event directly with your DJ.

+ We have a song list, can the DJ work off of that?

Absolutely, however, consider partnering with your DJ to create a balance such that your DJ can read the crowd and make changes as needed to keep the party going. Also, guests love making requests, so allow some room for that as well. You can browse and build a playlist within your personal planning account.

+ Can you provide music and a microphone for our ceremony?

It would be our pleasure. Ceremonies are an additional charge, and your DJ would work with you to facilitate everything.

+ What if we want a song that is not in your library?

Your DJ will purchase a few songs within reason to accommodate...however, anything above and beyond that you will be required to provide on a USB drive to the DJ.

+ How much space does the DJ need? Do I need to provide a table?

Your DJ can work with you and the venue to determine the appropriate setup and location if needed. We can accommodate both large and small spaces, so we are versatile. Please provide a 6' or 8' table with skirt and enough room to place speakers.

+ Can we schedule an in person meeting with our DJ prior to our wedding?

Of course, however, it may be in your best interest to try a phone consultation first. You will quickly realize how busy those last few weeks leading up to your wedding is, so any time savings is importatnt!

+ Can the DJ facilitate a slideshow for us?

This is definitely an option! If you are in need of a projector and screeen, we can provide one for an additional charge.

+ When is the deposit to reserve DJ services?

Reserve your local DJ with a signed contract and $175 deposit. If you plan to bundle your DJ services with others through The Wedding Collective, your total deposit total may change.

+ When is my final payment due?

Final payments are due 10 days prior, however you can make payments at any time via your planning account.

+ How are emergencies handled?

All of our local pros are contractually and ethically obligated to serve you at your event and do everything within their power to avoid emergencies. However, if something were to go amiss, each individual DJ is required to have a backup or on-call DJ to step in should it be needed. DJs that are a part of The Wedding Collective are also required to have replacement equipment for all critical pieces of their setup including computer, speakers, mixers, lights, etc. We take pride in the measures we have in place to ensure our client's peace of mind.

+ Are you insured?

Yes. Each individual wedding pro is required to carry a minimum of $1,000,000 in liability coverage. The Wedding Collective carries an additional umbrella policy of $2,000,000 in coverage. We will gladly provide a copy of our policy to your venue if requested.

+ What do you require from our venue or event site?

We require at least one 6-foot banquet table with linens, and adequate power (120-volt, 15-amp circuit on a grounded outlet) within 25 feet of where the DJ will be set up.

+ What kind of equipment do your DJs use?

Having the latest in greatest gear, although important, does not impact the experience and professionalism your DJ will offer. Some companies focus on the equipment, but how many times have you been to a wedding and remembered how great the equipment was? You always remember how great the DJ was! We partner with experienced DJs, and yes, they all have modern sound and light equipment to accommodated small and large dance parties!

+ Do you DJ more than just weddings?

Heck yes! Our local DJs love entertaining at any type of event including corporate, school, or any private party.