Over 80% of wedding guests say they remember THIS from weddings they have attended...

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Blog written by Scott Chabot - Representative of Belle Amour and The Covers

Planning a wedding can be challenging because its simply not something most people have ever done before.  A lot of time and expense can often be spent in areas that are not as memorable for your guests.  What about food, that is important right?  True. Guests will want to eat and this is often a significant portion of an event budget. However, guests don't necessarily need to be served plated steak dinners. 

While its sure to be appreciated, a fancy plated meal just doesn't compare with the lasting memory of a high energy professional band that keeps people dancing for hours. Over 80% couples remember the entertainment most from recent weddings they attended!

This is one area where smart planning early on can allow you to spend more dollars on the things that will make a positive impact.  After planning a wedding for the first time, most couples wish they would have set aside more time and budget for entertainment. 

Whether considering live music entertainment or a DJ - it is important to do your homework.  Do not make assumptions about what you can and can't afford.  Hiring a quality professional DJ can often cost just much as certain live entertainment options.   The entertainer you hire will be spending a lot of time with your guests making lasting memories. Do your homework to ensure those memories will be positive!  

The Wedding Collective has excellent DJ and live music entertainment providers.  Our Signature Jazz Trio or Belle Amour is perfect for cocktail hour and dinner music.  However, its also a great option if you prefer to have a more low key reception where you want classy and fun ambiance instead of dancing.  Sometimes couples will hire a jazz trio or vintage jazz band for cocktail hour and dinner, then transition to a live dance band or DJ for the rest of the evening.  

Belle Amour is an excellent option if you want a band that can do it all.  A top quality vintage jazz band with an amazing singer, this band can perform beautiful jazz standards and also mix in a variety of other dance music throughout the night.  Belle Amour is a great wedding entertainment option if you want something that can be fun an entertaining at any point of your reception event.

If you want your guests to be on the dance floor all night long, The Covers are among the best or the best the Twin Cities has to offer.  The Covers are the premier dance band in the Twin Cities. Composed of professional musicians with diverse backgrounds, The Covers bring a vibrant energy to the dance floor as they perform Rock and Roll, R&B and even Disco. The Covers will deliver a night of music that will keep the party happening. They love playing music with each other and that passion translates to an unforgettable wedding reception for you and your guests.

Make the decision to focus on entertainment early and plan accordingly.

Your guests will thank you for years to come!



About Scott: Scott Chabot is The Wedding Collective's representative for three great entertainment acts including the Signature Jazz Trio, Belle Amour vintage jazz, and The Covers! Book any one of these bands for your cocktail, dinner, or reception dance through The Wedding Collective.